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I dress like I am ready for a cocktail party or a beach getaway, decorate like my girlfriends are on their way over for a drink, and travel to places that are difficult to get to but breathtaking once you do. In all of these aspects, you can find my signature style of bright color, positive energy, and bohemian glam.


Hi! Welcome to I Believe in Pink! Inspired by my favorite Audrey Hepburn quote, this blog has been my creative outlet, business, and happy place for the past 3+ years. I went to the University of Richmond where I was an Integrated Marketing and Communications major, a Leadership Studies minor, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta (recruitment = my favorite season of the year), and an overall busy bee. It was the best four years of my life and I have the BEST friends (and boyfriend!) from it still.

Now, I am trying to navigate post-grad life in the charming city of Philadelphia. I do marketing for my long-time favorite fashion company and live a double life of working/blogging. Outside of Philly, you will find me drinking a cocktail in our hot tub on Long Beach Island, NJ during the summer or drinking a coffee in a lounge chair on our patio in Vero Beach, FL in the winter. I love traveling and dressing up so much that I launched my own boutique to share all of my favorite bohemian chic accessories in an inexpensive and accessible way.

I tend to be type A during the day and a free spirit at night so I’m constantly pursuing the balance of work and play. I split time between my laptop and my family/friends so usually both are close by my side. Lucky for me, all the work that I do is over-the-top FUN. I believe that the type of energy you put out in the world determines the type of energy you get back and that every day is a new day full of potential, grace, and lots of sunshine. I hope this blog becomes a positive community for you to follow along with my crazy and colorful life. Read more about my take on style, décor, and travel below. And thank YOU for stopping by! xx


I overdress and over-accessorize. I love classic silhouettes (hello Shift dress) and bright, colorful statement pieces. I stack my bracelets into a true arm party and cannot get enough of a good tassel or pom pom accessory. I will NEVER shy away from sequins (I’m actually obsessed with anything that glitters..) and have been known to run in heels, although I prefer to go barefoot in cocktail dresses.


I’d like to think that my décor largely reflects what I wear and where I’ve been. Therefore, I decorate with lots of shimmery gold, chic white, and pops of feminine pink, and make my living space always feel like I’m on vacation by incorporating keepsakes and photographs of many of my favorite islands throughout. I am always set up to have a cocktail party at a moment’s notice and believe that the bar cart is the most important piece of furniture in the house… which explains why I keep a drawer full of witty cocktail napkins and am on a perpetual mission to make “cocktailing” a verb. Who’s with me?!


I’ve found myself in some of the most gorgeous places in the world, on trips planned by my “let’s go somewhere crazy!” mother who believes that the best places are the hardest to get to (St. John, Capri, the Romantic Road, Germany, Harbour Island…). During college I also lived in Prague for a few months which was a true real-life fairytale. I write Travel Diaries on every place I visit to share the adventures with you. ☺️

For collaborations and general inquiries please contact amylittleson14@gmail.com

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